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  • Perfect when looking for niche audiences

  • Prevalidated respondents live in the moment before taking the survey

  • Inexpensive relative to offline recruitment


  • Authentic respondents 100%
    of the time

GET 360 offers a customized online recruitment for select hard to reach audiences. We partner up directly with various communities and forums where we can source a live audience. Through this process we invite and pre-validate qualified candidates in the moment to ensure you are getting people who are who they say they are, willing to participate, and provide authentic responses. Some of the audiences include but are not limited to electric vehicle owners, social media content creators; freelancers, Expecting Mothers, Hispanics (various acculturation) etc.

Makes for a great cost effective, and timely alternative relative to offline recruitment or very low online panel incidence. Available only for U.S and Canada markets. 

Please contact us for more details


Tel:     416-799-1786

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