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WHY GET 360?

Unlike other firms, we are CONSULTANTS FIRST!. We work with our clients to creatively foresee and solve potential problems, saving time and money while getting the best results. We are constantly looking for ways to establish greater efficiency in data collection so that you can focus on the analysis instead of procurement and delivery. This flexibility allows us to excel by building partnerships with our clients, delivering round-the-clock service, and developing our own unique sample model. 


  •  We consult and build elite partnerships. We are dedicated to developing long-term, trusting relationships with our clients. We want your business to grow, so we invest in the success of your study. We don’t sell; we become an extension of your team to consult and help  you buy more efficiently.

  • We deliver white-glove service. We allocate an expert team to focus on your study alone from beginning to end. Our team will monitor the study 24/7 to ensure the most efficient and seamless delivery possible. For more challenging studies, we will find preemptive solutions and maneuver the sample as needed, providing creative and experience-driven options to keep your research objective intact


  • We use unique sample blending models. We don’t own a survey panel. Instead, we work with a powerful global network of trusted panels. This means we can be  flexible and unbiased while we handpick the right sample that best meets your project needs. No automated system can do this—it requires a human touch with the right experience and skill set.


GET 360 is an expert team of innovative data collection consultants. Founder and Senior Consultant Antonio Santillo and Lead Technical Consultant Allan Thompson bring over 20 years of combined expertise and strategy to your consumer or business professional online sample data collection needs. We have mastered the art of sample blending from working on thousands of consumers and B2B studies, from easy to very hard-to-reach audiences. The “360” in our moniker is a nod to both the white-glove service we provide and the comprehensive view of the target audience we deliver. No matter the scale, from ad-hoc work to global internal trackers, we are setting a new standard in data collection — from systematic to dynamic.

Born when two best-in-class specialists in their fields joined forces to provide a white-glove service while offering a large network of reputable resources and big data benefits to clients. We strategically aggregate a network of panels, choosing the best options based upon our client's objectives without any bias. This ensures that clients get the best and correct sample for any study or target.  

Our Mission: GET 360 connects you to the right audience and data collection process to enable better insights and smarter decision making. We bring the intelligence and attention of expert consultants to full-service data collection on a global scale. 

360 Vision: We’re elevating data. We believe that market research can and should make the world a better place. We’re here to disrupt an automated, flawed process. Instead, we implement effective and efficient sampling strategies to track down and deliver powerful insights to key decision-makers.


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GET 360
Online Hard to Reach

 Perfect for niche audiences

🌐  Recruited online and  in the moment

       through various community channels

🌐  Pre-validated and pre-screened

GET 360 H2R 



🌐    U.S,  and Canada

Liquid Bubbles
Consumer or Business


🌐    Americas, EMEA, APAC


🌐    Daily Consumers, Professionals 


🌐    Online Quantitative

          Online Bulletin Boards
          Mini Communities

            Online Sample

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Full service delivery 

Full Service

🌐    Coding, translations, tabulations

Survey Programming
🌐    Conjoints, MaxDiff, Sawtooth

          Mobile optimization

Online Qual Platform
🌐     OLBB / Communities:
          video, mobile,
moderator etc

Hosting Tools

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Amazon Sellers Intel
Analysis& Report

Consulting & Training

🌐    Brand growth, competitor      performance, Class "A" listing,
key word optimization, strategies              


🌐    Product performance &  analysis               


🌐    U.S,  and Canada

             Competitive Intel


Our formula of success is two-fold.

First, we provide high quality service for our clients’ online sampling and technology needs, operating both efficiently and effectively. Additionally, our schedule caters to your schedule and we make ourselves available 24/7 to ensure that all questions are replied to quickly and you never become just another study waiting for a project manager to respond or provide updates. 


Second is our unique sampling method. While panel sample has become a commodity, the procurement and blending aspect is an art form unique to Get 360.  We are the only firm designed with the right combination of experience, skillset, and capacity to deliver on this aspect. Through our unique methodology of blending, we ensure that we apply the exact precision of sample from various authenticated panels to reach your targeted audience and deliver the most representative and accurate demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data.

This is how we separate ourselves from the common cookie-cutter blending approach that is typical of large-scale global firms that use this approach to accommodate mass production. This in turn can lead to sub-par respondents and service. The results from using our formula are consistent reliable, reproducible insights delivered efficiently.

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HOO:  Mon-Sun,  6am-11pm

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